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Amy Dutton Home Display Garden

Hale's Landscaping highlights their landscaping at the showroom located at Amy Dutton Home, 9 Walker Street in Kittery. The collaboration of Hale's Landscaping and Amy Dutton Home is intentional from a design standpoint and functional for clients. We work together to bring clients an organic, simple and functional design that incorporates color, texture and beauty that feeds the soul.

While landscaping is the final part of pulling a home project together cohesively, it should also be designed during excavation, architectural design and interior design. Our goal is to have you marvel at the beauty of your home as you drive down the driveway, approach your door and enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the backyard. As well as enjoy the view from the kitchen sink or family room sofa in the midst of winter or summer.

We invite you to pull into the back parking lot, and enjoy the patio, gardens and marvel at the exquisite rock work. The true respect of manipulating the organic and natural form of rock can be seen in the “Window Rock”.

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